6 Health Benefits That Make Golf a Great Exercise

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In this article, we will talk about the health benefits that make golf a great exercise

Many people view golf solely as a leisurely activity, overlooking the health benefits that make golf a great exercise. However, more and more people are waking up to the fact that taking care of your health and exercising is not optional but something you have to do. And it’s not that something you can take a break from. It has to become a part of your lifestyle and routine. And we all know the usual exercises. Running, swimming, gym, etc. The thing is, repeating the same old exercises every day can get very dull. And that causes you to lose motivation and focus, two things that are key when it comes to working out. So experts suggest mixing it up and introducing new activities into your workout routine. For some, that’s boxing, Pilates, or maybe yoga.

But there is one thing that can be unexpectedly beneficial for your health. And that is golf. It’s probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a very effective exercise, but you would be surprised. There are many health benefits that make golf a great exercise. And we will explore that a little bit more in this article. And who knows, maybe after you read it, you decide to give golf a chance.

What are the health benefits that make golf a great exercise?

  • Better sleep
  • Good for your heart
  • Makes you go outside
  • Help you lose weight
  • A good brain workout

 One of the health benefits that make golf a great exercise is that it helps you have a better and more relaxing sleep

Playing golf can improve the quality of your sleep

You will sleep better

One health benefit that makes golf a great exercise is that it can do wonders for those who struggle with sleeping. If you are restless at night or wake up in the morning but still feel tired, you should consider taking up golf. Many studies have shown a link between better and more relaxing sleep and engaging in daily exercise such as golf. Playing golf for at least 30 minutes every day is recommended to improve your sleeping habits. So if you are one of those people that have problems sleeping well, golfing can be the thing that fixes that issue. So don’t wait; order all the necessary golf equipment online and start your first golfing session.

 An older couple smiling

Playing golf is a great exercise for seniors

The exercise golf provides is good for your heart

Golf is a perfect exercise for your heart and is very efficient in preventing heart disease. It makes your heart rate go up and helps build the muscles of the heart. It lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, which is incredibly important because heart diseases are common. This goes especially for older people because they are a group that’s most at risk from heart disease. Most people that die from heart diseases are 66 or older.

Golf is an exercise that seniors can do without struggling too much. At their age, intense workouts are not recommended. Golf is not an intense workout, but it is very beneficial. Of course, there are some cities where there aren’t many places to play golf. That’s why seniors love Boca Raton because there are many golfing opportunities. So if you are worried about your grandparents and want them to start working out and being healthier but are unsure what to do, try and suggest golfing to them.

Golf makes you go outside

The thing about golf is that if you want to play it, you will have to go outside. And golf courses are usually somewhere in nature. Although you can always set up a Portable Golf Hitting Net at home and practice there, it’s essential to spend time outside. You would be surprised how necessary that is for some people. Nowadays, people have less and less time to spend outside in nature and enjoy the fresh air, especially in big cities where people spend most of their time in stuffy offices.

Golf gives you are reason to take some time out of your day and go outside. And that’s important for many reasons, both physical and mental. Being in nature has been proven to reduce blood pressure and muscle tension. But it also improves your mental health. Studies have shown that people who spend more time in nature are less anxious, happier, and have better self-esteem.

Helps with weight loss

Unfortunately, obesity is still a big problem in our society today. And many people struggle with getting fit and losing that extra weight. It can be tough to stay focused and motivated on this quest. Running and walking are the best exercises for losing weight, but they can be very boring and monotone for some people. Those people need a fun and engaging way to lose weight that keeps them focused. That’s where golf comes in. Besides being a sport you can actively compete in, it is also surprisingly effective in losing weight.

It may seem that golf is not a very physically demanding activity, but this is incorrect. You will not only be hitting the balls but walking the entire golf course and carrying your clubs. Studies have shown that playing golf for half an hour can help you burn up to 165 calories. So playing an average 4-hour golf game will make you burn up to 1,124 calories. Golf can be an excellent workout for all those people who can’t find the motivation to get up early and run every morning.

 A brain scan

Golf isn't just good for your body, it's a great brain exercise as well

It’s a brain exercise

Besides helping you sleep better, lose weight and prevent heart diseases, golf is also an excellent brain exercise. And our brain is a muscle that needs working out as much as the rest of our body. The reason golf is suitable for that is that golf is not a purely physical game. It actually requires you to think a lot: planning your next shot, figuring out the best angle, etc. Playing golf regularly makes your brain more alert and focused. It improves your memory skills and stimulates the blood flow to your brain.

Improves your balance

Golf is also a good exercise for those struggling with back issues and balance. Playing golf requires putting your body in certain positions to get a good angle and make the perfect shot. It helps you become more balanced and strengthens your core.

Final thoughts

These were just some health benefits that make golf a great exercise. But there are plenty more. So if you are somebody that struggles with doing regular exercises and you find them boring, this is the thing for you. Also, if you are not a big fan of always having to leave your home and play golf, there is a solution. You can find all the necessary equipment (golf hitting mats, clubs, portable nets, etc.) online for practicing golf at home.


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